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May 21, 2007



I work opposite a hospital and it's frustrating to see that money's been lost on two fronts - through a misguided war and through a misguided health policy. Interesting reading.


Anyone who watched Andrew Marr's HISTORY OF POST WAR BRITAIN on BBC2 would clearly see that the National Health Service is the most important achievement in this country over the last fifty years. It is what defines us as against other nations. What the programme also showed is that it has always had problems from its inception. It was born riddled with money problems. As Bevin said, after facing down the consultants who did not want to work for the state in 1949 'I have filled their mouths with Gold'. No change there then!


It's amazing how effective Blair has been at deflecting attention from these issues.


Blairs legacy is a chimera. Our perceived prosperity is mortgaged until way into the future, with the country groaning under a cloud of debt, with PFIs which will take for ever to pay back. At the same time we have allowed our manufacturing sector to fall behind even the poorer European countries.


David Craig has just been interviewed on BBC Radio 4 22nd Nov 12.30 You & Yours about rip-off consultants employed by incompetent public sector & whitehall depts. He commented how jobs-for-the-boys consultants are taking taxpayers for a ride to nowhere. The manipulation that passes for business as normal is synonymous with corruption. PFI making the rich richer and plundering from the poor to do so. If we remain as we are we are being made into wage slaves - bad enough slogging for ourselves, why slog for crooks in government and their flunkies?

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