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April 30, 2007


Paul McBrey


Heard you on the radio the other day.

It seems that your guys were really about the people in Iraq and how to help them. What happened to the Iraqi's who worked for you when you left?

Andrew Alderson

Tragically many of the Iraqis who worked for us have either gone into hiding, have fled or have been killed. It is the other aspect of the whole situation which is so very sad. I am working with several of them to try and assist them rebuild their lives outside Iraq. I believe the UK has a moral obligation to make sure that this group of people in particular are looked after. Sadly at the moment it is not yet that certain that they can seek refuge in the UK because of our immigration procedures.

John Dunley

Is the difficulty with getting the people out of Iraq, or is it more difficult getting them into the UK? It seems that lots of these people were extremely loyal, only to be left stranded. Who is to blame, if anyone, for this?

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  • Andrew Alderson MBE
    In 2003 Andrew quit his job as director in a London merchant bank before getting called up to serve in Iraq as a T.A. officer. He was asked, out of the blue, if he 'knew anything about finance'. He said yes. And suddenly he was in charge of a fifth of Iraq's entire finances.
  • Andrew Simms
    Andrew Simms is Policy Director of the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and a board member of Greenpeace UK. He is the author of Tescopoly and writes on various issues including climate change and globalisation.